Don’t Forget about our WCAGS Meeting on Saturday!

The meeting is on Saturday morning at 10am in the Walker Meeting Room at the Fayetteville Public Library.  Hope to see you there!  Michel Wall is presenting our program on the Picaboo Publishing System and how we can print our family history/genealogy books!

There is nothing more exciting than finding the name of that long lost relative or even digging up a photo of an ancestor whose face you have never seen. Once you have found all of this great information and compiled the inspiring stories of their lives, you will want to share it with others.

Publishing a compilation of genealogical data or a life story can be daunting. Learning to use complicated publishing software takes valuable time and once it is done the cost of the book can be prohibitive.

Picaboo has been helping people get their photos into printed hardbound books for decades and with the newly launched Yearbook division, it is the perfect fit for someone who wants to combine photos and stories in a simple, user friendly program. The real surprise is the cost. It’s very affordable and a fraction of the cost of other On-Demand Publishers. Picaboo can print up to 200,000 books a day or just one – yours.

This free workshop will give attendees an overview of the publishing system, demonstrate how a typical book is created and shows how to make the book collaborative. Others can submit photos, work on sections of the book and purchase it in your very own storefront. The program is free, the class is free and the only thing you pay for are the books you publish.

Mechel Wall

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